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Hydro Excavation - Hydrovac

Hydro Excavation can be especially useful for:

* Telecommunication and Electrical Utilities
     Potholing/Daylighting, Utility Locates,
     Micro Trenching, Vault Prepping, Tie-ins

* Municipal Utilities
     Catch Basins, Storm Drains, Watermain Breaks,
     Manhole Cleanouts, Vault Cleanouts, Pressure Testing

* Oil and Gas
     Spill Cleanup, Facility Work, Equipment Cleaning,
     Tie-ins, Daylighting

* Subsurface Utility Engineering

* Farm and Ranch
     Equipment Cleaning, Bin Cleaning, Post and Pole Holes,

     Cattleguard Cleanouts

* Environmental
     Natural Disaster Assistance, Shoring, Cleanups


* Transportation and Maintenance
     Potholing/Daylighting, Exposing Utility Crossings,
     Utility Locates, Slot Trenching, Open Trenching,
     Pole Casings, Pole Replacements, Excavation,
     Sign Bases, Vault, Culvert and Cattleguard Cleanouts

* Remote Work
     Building Interiors, Basements, Limited Access Sites,
     Restoration and Improvements, Post Holes, Foundation Work

* Car Washes
     Sump Pit Cleanouts, Bay Cleaning, Steam Cleaning

* Cold Weather Digging

Hydro Excavation eliminates the risk involved when working around existing infrastructure. Unlike traditional excavating methods, we provide a safe non-destructive solution to expose or construct underground facilities. The process of Hydro Excavation greatly reduces access requirements, landscape disturbances and dust pollution along with minimizing restoration of the area surrounding the work.
To further enhance production and versatility, our Hydrovacs use purpose specific on-board water heaters which are specifically engineered to provide highly effective results in frozen material, clays, mud and tightly compacted soils. Hot water also increases our effectiveness in cleaning and wash down applications.


Contact us for your needs or to discuss project specific options


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